Who Has The Biggest Arms In Bodybuilding?

In this article, we will find out who has the biggest arms in bodybuilding? But before that, let’s be real…

Most bodybuilders hide their actual arm size & lie about it!

Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be!

The bodybuilders who claim to have 20 inch big arms are obviously over-exaggerating because achieving that is really very difficult. It takes time, effort, and most of all, your body should be capable of achieving that size.

Biggest Arms Bodybuilding

If your genetics are not capable of increasing that much muscle mass then you cannot get that big naturally. So, you will have to compromise being a natty bodybuilder.

Therefore, it is impossible for natural bodybuilders to get such big arms. However, if you have somewhere around 58% body fat along with being natural then it is possible… but then you can also be the best of the best!

Biggest Arms in Bodybuilding

The greatest bodybuilder of all times, Arnold Schwarzenegger once claimed that his arms are around 22-23 inches big. Arthur Jones tried to check the facts so he measured the arms of Arnold and the result showed that the actual size is 19-3/4 inches. That is way less than what Arnold claimed… anyway, we are still a fan!

Arthur Jones went on record to claim that he measured the size of the arms of Sergio Oliva and Ray Mentzer. Both of them had bigger arms than Arnold as their arm size is around 20.5 inches. Also, if you look at Oliva’s arms, it’s not difficult to believe Arthur Jones’s claim.

Many people say that strongman competitor Manfred Hoeberl had the best arms ever but we should not ignore the fact that he is not a bodybuilder. According to claims, his arm size is around 24-25 inches… that’s huge!

Manfred Hoeberl

When Ronnie Coleman participated in the Mr. Olympia championship, his arms measured at 22 inches. It might be because he was taking more steroids than Arnold that his arms looked much bigger in photos.

So, is it only possible for bodybuilders to get bigger arms if they take steroids? What will the natural bodybuilders do then?

For natural bodybuilders, a lot of other things should be taken into consideration like their height, genetics, and just overall body structure.

The arm size of Reg Park was measured at 18.5 inches, similarly, Steve Reeves was measured at 18 inches and John Grimek was measured at 18.3 inches. So, reaching a size of 20 inches or more seems unrealistic for natural bodybuilders.

If we ignore all the factors like steroids or natural bodybuilders and only focus on who has the biggest arms in bodybuilding then we can easily choose between Ronnie Coleman, Paul Dillet, Markus Ruhl, and Victor Richards.

Victor Richards Biggest Arms Bodybuilding

In addition, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lee Priest are among those few bodybuilders who have the best overall proportions so their arms look more toned and big.

Who has the Biggest Arms in Bodybuilding right now?

It is actually very disappointing that the IFBB professional bodybuilders never really reveal the actual size of their arms to the public. People just speculate the inches of the bodybuilder’s arms by looking at them.

… It is like a gentleman’s secret.

However, while writing this article, if we were to judge who has the biggest arm size in bodybuilding then Big Ramy and Roelly Winklaar clearly top on the list.

Keep in mind, having the biggest arms does not mean that you have the best arms. This could be the reason why both Ramy and Roelly have never won the Mr. Olympia title.

Biggest Bodybuilding Arms - Roelly Winklaar

To be honest, Roelly is among those bodybuilders who seriously have the best triceps and his arms look aesthetically perfect.

Now let’s get back to the main question…

What are the biggest arms for an average natural bodybuilder?

The arm size should be somewhere between 15 to 16 inches. If you could achieve that then you would be considered as a strong bodybuilder, who has the potential to get even bigger.

Usually, it is difficult for natural bodybuilders to get more than 18 to 20 inch thick arms. So, if a natural bodybuilder brags that he has achieved that then do confirm with actual images.

If his images show that he actually has 20-inch arms and he is 100% natural then he could just be the best and the greatest among all bodybuilders. Also, if a bodybuilder has such huge arms then he would be showing them off all the time.

Another thing is to have toned and ripped arms because that makes them appear bigger than their actual size. So, your arms can be 15 inches thick but if they are toned then they can even look bigger than 17 inches.

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Biggest Arms Bodybuilding

The reason could be that they have less body fat percentage so their cuts appear more clearly. Their arms look leaner and their muscles look more strong.

In addition, the images of bodybuilders that you see online have a lot of editing, photoshop, and lighting effect used on them. This makes them look even cleaner and buff than what they look in reality.

What is your take on it? Who has the greatest arms in the bodybuilding world right now? Do let us know in the comments below and we will add them to this list.

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