Phil Heath Steroids

Phil Heath is no rookie in the world of bodybuilders. So, if you are interested in knowing the Phil Health steroids that he may have used in the past then let’s take a closer look into this topic.

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Is Phil Health natural or he used steroids?

Phil Heath has won the Mr.Olympia title 7 times. He is a pro-bodybuilder nicknamed as “The Gift”.

He is literally in the league of the World renowned Arnold Schwarzenegger. It would be no surprise if in the future Phil makes history by winning Mr. Olympia title 9 times.

Phil Heath Steroids

There are just two more wins to go and then he will make history and we will be cheering for him.

Often, people wonder what could be the secret behind Phil’s huge body, could it be steroids?

In this article we are going to discuss exactly that…

Also, if he has used steroids then what could be that steroid stack?

Disclaimer: We are not associated with Phil Heath and this article is just based on assumptions. We are not claiming that he has actually used this steroid stack or any other anabolic steroids.

Phil Heath Bio

Phil Health aka “The Gift” is a pro-bodybuilder who has multiple Mr. Olympia and The Arnold Classic titles under his name.

Usually bodybuilders start at an early age, but Phil started a little later in his life. Most of the pro-bodybuilders of present time have began lifting weights at a young age of around 14 – 15.

Many pro-bodybuilders use Dianabol alternative supplement Crazybulk D-bal, so you can read about that too.

Phil on the other hand had a different goal altogether. He gained an athletic scholarship and joined the University of Denver and started playing semi-pro basketball. He is just born with athletic genetics. This is the reason why he got his nickname “The Gift”.

Phil Heath Bodybuilding

Phil Heath is 5 ft 9 inches tall. His weight is around 280 lbs for most of the year, however when he competes, he usually drops down to around 240 lbs. Obviously, Phil lifts a lot of weights and does intense workouts so that he can stay in shape for playing basketball.

It is quite obvious that Phil’s body has a better response towards weights in comparison to other people, especially his teammates. While playing basketball, it was quite imminent that Phil had a lean as well as muscular physique. He was ripped and strong.

He eventually started enjoying weight lifting more than basketball and it seemed like competitive bodybuilding was calling him. So, he started bodybuilding.

Phil Health – The Bodybuilder

In the year 2002, when Phil was just 23 years old, he started training and began his career as a bodybuilder. He participated in various amateur shows and won them easily and that helped him gain a lot of attention.

During competitions, the difference between Phil and his competitors was quite evident. Due to his amazing performance, it did not took Phil much time to get his IFBB pro card.

Within just 3 years, in the year 2005, he did his competition debut on stage and became a pro.

Just like a pro he easily won his debut show and the one after that as well. This was just the beginning.

Then in the year 2007, Phil entered in the Arnold Classic.

Phil Heath steroids stack

The Arnold Classic is considered as the second biggest bodybuilding competition in the world. When Phil Heath participated in it, he earned himself the 5th place. However, it got him a chance to get into Mr. Olympia.

Mr. Olympia is the biggest bodybuilding championship in the world but also the toughest. Most of the bodybuilders dream of participating in it even though they know that they would not be able to win.

Phil Heath on the other hand decided to skip Mr. Olympia competition in 2007. He decided to spend one full year on training and gaining the physique that could help him compete against the world’s greatest bodybuilders.

Then in 2008, he was fully ready to participate in the Mr. Olympia competition with a bigger, fuller, muscular and more symmetrical physique.

In the Arnold Classic, Phil got the second spot because the first spot was taken by Dexter Jackson. Everybody knows that Dexter Jackson is no less of a competition, he is truly one of the best. So, losing to Dexter was still a win for Phil.

In Mr. Olympia, Phil got the third place. The second place went to Jay Cutler and the first place was again Dexter Jackson.

After these wins, Phil become everyone’s favorite and people hoped that in the following year’s competition Phil will be the one holding the first spot but unfortunately he got down with an illness.

However, it was not an issue because in the year 2009 Jay Cutler came in with the best physique that Mr. Olympia stage ever saw.

Phil got the 5th spot in 2009 and 2nd spot in 2010. So, he was clearly behind Jay Cutler.

Phil Heath – Competitors

Even though Phil was competing against the best ones like Dennis Wolfe, Dexter Jackson and more but magazines only focused on his equation with Jay Cutler.

Phil Heath Kai Greene
Phil Heath and Kai Greene

Basically, the agenda behind all this was that the magazines wanted to create a similar kind of a rift that was once between Jay and Ronnie Coleman. This would easily give magazines the attention that they wanted.

However, their agenda failed big time because Phil and Jay were really good friends in reality. Also, they respected each other a lot.

In the year 2011, Phil won the title of Mr. Olympia for the first time.

Just a short while after that a new bodybuilder Kai Greene came into the scene. His physique was no joke. He is clearly one of the biggest and the toughest competitors Phil had till date.

Kai’s physique is so big that in his presence Phil’s physique definitely looks a little small.

On stage, Kai competes with a weight of around 250 to 280. Also, he is considered as a complete package because of his wide waist.

At the Mr. Olympia competition, Kai won the 4th spot along with another bodybuilder Shawn Rhoden. This was Kai’s debut on stage but after that he set his eyes on Phil’s title.

This pushed Phil under a lot of pressure. So, Phil worked even harder and made noticeable changes and improvements in his physique.

Due to these drastic changes and his super-buffed body, Phil came under the spotlight and people started accusing him of using anabolic steroids like Dianabol.

Phil Heath Steroids Stack

This is just an assumption of Phil Health steroids stack, we are not claiming that he actually uses steroids. To be very clear, we do not know what type of supplements Phil takes.

A few years ago, a fan questioned Phil about why he takes steroids and he started his answer by saying “Because…” and right at that moment an entourage member suggested him to spot discussing about it. However, the whole incident was captured on camera.

We are not claiming about the steroids because we do not have any legal proof, but we are just giving an idea about what a Phil Heath steroid stack might look like.

Let’s begin…


Although, HGH or Human Growth Hormones are hormones and not steroids but they are often added in an anabolic steroid stack to increase the potency.

In September 2017, Phil again won Mr. Olympia title but there was a controversy involved. He seemed to be struggling with hernia and that made his amazing physique a little different.

Also, there were some accusations on him that he was taking HGH for men because his abdomen looked unusually bloated.

It is not uncommon for bodybuilders to stack insulin with HGH because insulin helps in providing nutrients to muscle cells. This process helps in building muscles and giving a bigger appearance.

HGH is an anabolic hormone, this means that it stimulates the process of protein synthesis in our body.

So, if we take a closer look at Phil’s massive growth over these years, it would not be a surprise if he might have stacked insulin with HGH.

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Trenbolone or Tren is among the top most powerful anabolic steroids. It is a no-brainer that many pro-bodybuilders might have used it at some point in their life.

Tren works by increasing muscle mass massively and while maintaining low body fat. Generally, it is used for the purpose of bulking.

The main problem with bulking steroids is that they cause bloating but Trenbolone does not cause bloating. This is probably one of the reasons why many bodybuilders might use it to enhance their appearance.

If you take Phil’s on stage weight (240 pounds) and body fat (3%) into consideration then you will notice that he is just massively huge.

So, there may be a slight chance that Phil might have used Trenbolone in the past.

Crazybulk Trenorol


One of the most powerful and effective steroid for cutting is Anavar.

Many bodybuilders and even celebrities use it to get that amazing cut. So, if Phil might have used it then it should not be a surprise.

In pro bodybuilding, one of the biggest problems faced by the athletes is water retention. So, if a bodybuilder is participating in competitions then he should not be retaining water.

Even if there is low body fat percentage still water retention will make you look bad and out of shape on stage.

Anavar not only helps in cutting but also helps in reducing water retention. This is perfect for those bodybuilders who want to have that dried out look.

Apart from Anavar there is only one more steroid that gives cutting effect – Winstrol.

However, Winstrol is not very useful for bodybuilders because it flattens out the appearance of muscles.

Crazybulk Anvarol


One more probable entry in the Phil Heath steroid stack might be of Anadrol.

Anadrol is a bulking steroid and that is why many bodybuilders prefer it. It helps in maintaining and sustaining the strength and the size of the muscles.

Using Anadrol can dramatically increase muscle mass, size and strength. However, it also causes water retention so it gives a bloated appearance.

During off-season, Phil’s arms and even face often used to look a little bloated.



The most important thing for any steroid user is Post Cycle Therapy or PCT and obviously all pro-bodybuilders know about it.

Pros participate in big competitions that helps them earn a lot of money. More money means that they can easily afford better trainers, gear and more. Pros know that they cannot ignore PCT after completing a cycle.

Anabolic steroids cause damage as they make rapid changes in your body, to protect your organs and hormones from this damage PCT is essential.

If a bodybuilder fails to go through PCT then he can easily get side effects related to estrogen like acne and even gynecomastia.

As you can see that Phil does not have any such visible signs, so it seems that he may have never failed to complete PCT.

There are two compounds Clomid and Nolvadex. Generally, they are used for the purpose of PCT. So, you can use any of these two and achieve the same results. It may be possible that Phil might have used either of these two after completing his cycles.

NOTE – All these supplements mentioned in this article are not suitable for vegetarians or vegans because the capsule shell is made from Gelatin (Bovine). So, if you are a vegetarian or vegan or you are looking for cruelty-free supplements then please do not buy it.

So, is it Phil Heath Steroid Stack?

There is no legal proof that this is Phil Heath steroid stack.

It is just an assumption because these are the steroids that when stacked together can really help in giving similar kind of bodybuilding results like Phil Heath.

Obviously, we do not recommend anybody to take anabolic steroids because we know that they are dangerous for health and they can cause serious side effects.

So, we recommend using steroid alternatives. These steroid alternatives are similar to the real steroids but they are 100% legal and free from side effects.

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