Variety of Apples

When I was a kid my Mom always told me to eat at least 1 apple a day. She told me, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” Well, actually it is right. This fruit is like nature’s gift to mankind because it is loaded with vitamins and fiber that protects your body from diseases. Let’s discuss in detail:

Variety of Apple

How many variety of Apples are there?

All over the world, around 7,500 varieties of apples are grown. In the U.S. alone, there are over 2,500 varieties grown out of these 100 varieties are commercially grown.

Now, discussing 7,500 types in one article is almost not possible, so, we will discuss just the top 11 types.

These 11 different varieties have distinct flavor and texture…

  1. Jonagold Apple
  2. McIntosh Apple
  3. Golden Delicious Apple
  4. Empire Apple
  5. Fuji Apple
  6. Cortland Apple
  7. Gala Apple
  8. Red Delicious Apple
  9. Braeburn Apple
  10. Cameo Apple
  11. Granny Smith Apple

Jonagold Apple

Jonagold Apple

This type has a lovely red hue along with a some hints of yellow. Basically, this is a hybrid of Jonathan and Golden Delicious apples. That is why it has the resemblance of both. The skin or the outer covering is very thin and the taste is very sweet as well as tart. This unique sweet and tart flavor makes it ideal for many recipes.

McIntosh Apple

If the firmness of all the varieties are compared then this particular one will be noted as the least firm. The flesh is very soft and kind of creamy. This makes it ideal for eating it raw. However, it can also be used to make apple butter or applesauce. Keep in mind, it is not as ideal for baking. If you bake them, they become too mushy.

Golden Delicious Apple

Golden Delicious Apple

Although, both Golden and Red varieties have the word Delicious in their name but they are not related to each other. They are two completely different types of apples. The Golden Delicious have a bright outer covering. Their shelf-life is not good because their skin is thin so, they get bruised easily. Also, they are soft. It is advised to eat them as soon as possible but if you can’t do that then you can use it to make pies, sauces and salads.

Empire Apple

This is also a hybrid between Red Delicious and McIntosh. So, obviously it has both their features. In 1966, the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station developed this variety. The out covering is bright red along with a hint of green. Also, the shape is almost round. It is creamy white and crisp on the inside. This is firmer from McIntosh so, it can be easily used for cooking.

Fuji Apple

Fuji Apple

In the 1930’s, Japanese farmers developed this variety. However, it gained popularity in the United States in 1980’s. Due to its amazing flavor, it became immensely popular all over the country very quickly. This is large and crisp. It is related to the Red Delicious variety so, it has a very intense sweet taste. It is perfect for eating raw. If you will cook it, then make sure to not over-cook because that will spoil it’s consistency.

Cortland Apple

Both McIntosh and Cortland have a lot of similarities and that makes it difficult to distinguish between them both. They are both white and creamy on the inside, while the flavor is sweet and tart. One difference is that Cortland is not as soft as compared to McIntosh. Also, it can be baked and cooked perfectly, or if you want, you can eat it raw.

Gala Apple

Gala Apple

It’s shape is tall and not that wide. It resembles a lot to the Golden and Red Delicious. It’s texture is crisp while the flavor is mildly sweet. The outer skin is thin and has a light-red hue with bright-yellow undertone. Also, the size is comparatively small. They can be cooked as well as eaten raw.

Red Delicious Apple

This variety is one of the most popular in the United States. It is also creamy white on the inside. Also, it is juicy and soft, so, it is not very good for cooking. They are ideal for a quick snack. The perfect way is to just eat them raw.

Braeburn Apple

Braeburn Apple


This is originally from New Zealand. The outer skin is very-light red along with golden and yellow undertones and a hint of faint green. It’s flavor is a perfect balance of sweet and tart. Also, it is quite firm to touch with a crisp bite. They are ideal for baking.

Cameo Apple

This variety is quite new. It was only discovered in 1987 in the Washington State. However, it has gained massive popularity all over. The flavor is juicy, sweet, crispy and slightly tart. It is also a hybrid of Red and Yellow Delicious varieties. This is the reason behind it’s red and yellow skin. Also, it’s skin is thick in comparison to Golden Delicious but thin in comparison to the Red variety. Although, it tastes good in recipes but when eaten raw, it just tastes delicious.

Granny Smith Apple

Granny Smith Apple

These are green apples. It is originated from Australia. The outer covering is bright green in color and it is quite hard to touch. The flavor is extremely tart with a crisp bite. When it gets really ripe, the skin usually gets a hint of rosy red. Due to it’s tartness, people often prefer to sweeten it a little while cooking.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some questions that people ask very often.

What is the most popular variety of apple?

Red Delicious Apples are the most popular variety all over the world. It was originally known as Hawkeye. It is a perfect snack with your lunch.

Is Apple Cider Vinegar made from apples?

Yes, apple cider vinegar is made by fermenting apples. This fermentation process is done by a unique substance known as “Mother Vinegar”.

What is the sweetest apple?

The Fuji variety is more sweet in comparison to it’s counterparts because the sugar levels in it may range from 15 to 18 on average. Now, this fruit mostly made of water, so, Fuji apple is considered as one of the sweetest. Other varieties that are also sweet are – Golden and Red Delicious, Gala, Honeycrisp, and Ambrosia.

What do different apples taste like?

All different varieties have different flavors. Some are sweet, some are very sweet, while some are tart. So, the flavor actually depends on the variety.

What is the best apple to eat for weight loss?

All apples are good for weight loss because most of it’s flesh is made up of water. Also, it’s glycemic index is low so, when you eat it, you will not have a sudden increase in your blood sugar levels. That is why it gives sustained energy without crashes.

Keep in mind that it also contains a lot of fiber that helps in keeping your bowel movement regular. It is also good for your gut. The fact that they are sweet in taste, they help with controlling your cravings.

Also, the vitamin and antioxidant contain is very high, so it helps in improving your overall health along with fighting free radicals. If you really want to lose weight, then add apples in your daily diet with a doubt.


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