Brad Castleberry: Steroids Or Natural?

In this article, we will reveal if Brad Castleberry is natural or he takes steroids.

The evidence in this article shows that he may be taking steroids and he is not natural.

That is why Brad’s kind of tagged by people as a liar bodybuilder.

Brad Castleberry is a bodybuilder who is very famous among fitness enthusiasts online.

Brad Castleberry steroids or natural

But unfortunately, this popularity is for the wrong reasons.

Basically, people have mixed opinions, some people love him, while some hate him.

This kind of behavior is very evident among his online followers.

The common opinion is that his social media posts can get a little edgy.

This makes people dislike him more.

Now, let’s find out… Is Brad Castleberry natural or he takes steroids?

Brad Castleberry: Steroids or Natural?

There is no doubt that Brad is jacked and big.

In fact, he is one of the biggest bodybuilders in the world.

Even after being a top bodybuilder, people find him a little irritating.

The problem is the way he conducts himself is often not appreciated by people.

Social media is not exactly the place where you can differentiate between the reel and real.

You can actually portray yourself as a completely different person than who you really are.

Anyway, let’s find out if Brad Castleberry takes steroids or not.

Is Brad Castleberry Natural?

He has an amazing physique, not so much the personality though.

Brad Castleberry Bodybuilding

Brad has denied using steroids several times.

He says that he is a natural bodybuilder.

However, many people think that he is not honest and they doubt him.

We don’t know Brad in person so we are not making any judgments about his personality.

We just looked at the evidence that shows whether he is natural or not.

Does Brad Castleberry Take Steroids?

Well, we know that Brad Castleberry likes twisting the truth or faking facts.

So, just because he says that he is natty, we can’t really trust him.

It’s important to check out the evidence (physical signs of steroid use) ourselves.

Here are some of the evidence that hints towards both steroid use and natty.

We have categorized this evidence so that you can understand it better.

  • Size
  • Vascularity
  • Drug-Test
  • Lying in the past.

Only after knowing these 4 topics in detail, you will know if Brad Castleberry is natural or not.


Brad has an incredible physique and fitness level.

If you look at his weight and height, then it is easy to doubt steroid use.

Even Arnold Schwarzenegger (richest bodybuilder in the world) weighed less than Castleberry.

Arnold’s height is 6’2″ (187 cm), while Brad is just 5’10” (177.5 cm)

When Arnold was bodybuilding in his prime, he weighed 240 lbs (108.8 kg).

While Brad weighs 255 lbs (115.6 kg).

So, Brad weighs more than Arnold while actually being shorter than him.

We already know that Arnold Schwarzenegger won Mr. Olympia several times.

Now the thing is that Arnie has confirmed using steroids.

Yet Brad, even after being shorter than Arnie, says that he is natty?

According to him, he got that size because of eating healthy and working out. How?

It’s difficult to believe it.


Brad is muscular, big and he has a very defined physique.

His vascularity is no joke, and he looks like he is always ready to be on the stage.

Brad Castleberry Natural

Getting abs is not easy and maintaining them throughout the year is definitely difficult.

With his low body fat percentage, having such a physique naturally is amazing.

When a bodybuilder takes steroids, it helps him maintain his gains throughout the year.

Steroids help with bulking, cutting, preserving muscles, and burning fat.

That is why steroid users always look ready to get on the stage to compete.

All they have to do is just maintain their diets.

Therefore, we think that Brad’s constant vascularity and abs could be a result of anabolic steroids.

Drug Test – Was He Tested?

Yes, Brad Castleberry was tested for steroid use.

He participated in MuscleMania, just like Simeon Panda.

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Now, this organization does tests for drugs.

So, to pass the test, he had to be clean. Isn’t it?

There are actually two aspects to this.

When he competed he was very young, so he could not have been taking steroids then.

Also, this organization’s drug-testing policy is not very strict.

For strict drug-testing policies, random tests should be conducted several times a year.

Whereas MuscleMania tests athletes the minute they step off the competition stage.

This means that the athletes are aware of when they will be tested.

Athletes can easily get time to get off steroids and get their system clean.

You can easily pass the test and come forward as a natty.

But we are not claiming that all or any athlete did that.

As far as Brad Castleberry is concerned, he did pass that drug test.

Unfortunately, this test is not rock-solid proof of being natty.

He Has Lied In The Past

As the whole fake plate controversy surrounds Brad, he can lie about anything.

Brad Castleberry Workout Routine

He did it in past. He lied about lifting ridiculously heavyweights.

So, what can people expect now?

Who knows if he is telling the truth about being natural.

Also, there is no solid proof online that he is natty.

A very interesting thing is that Brad often argues with people online who call him a steroid user.

And obviously, he tells them that he is natty.


It does not seem like Brad Castleberry is natural.

After seeing all the evidence, he may be taking steroids.

In my personal opinion, even if he uses steroids, it’s his body, his life, his choice.

However, I do not (and will never) recommend anyone to use steroids.

Steroids are extremely dangerous for health.

It seems like he may be taking:

There is no need for you to use steroids as they can cause serious side effects.

Instead, you can try legal steroid alternatives.

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Fake Plate Controversy

Brad’s amazing genes play a big role in his bodybuilding career.

This is why people get so frustrated with his e-stats.

Unfortunately, Brad Castleberry is the perfect example of Bro-Lift (e-stat).

With e-stats, we mean the “fake plate controversy”.

This controversy is like a speck on his career forever.

Brad was a powerlifter.

He is obviously a very strong guy.

You can easily find some videos where he is seen lifting ridiculously heavyweights.

It is quite evident that he uses fake plates.

This makes him look like he is lifting way more weights than what he was actually lifting.

Brad Castleberry Natural

For example, he will be benching 4 plates.

But, just to make it look like he is lifting more weight, he would add 2 fake plates to it.

So, it would look like he is lifting 6 plates aside.

Bostin Loyd and Layne Norton also have similar weights and heights as Brad.

These two do not lift such ridiculous weight like Castleberry, why?

Maybe because they are not faking.

Brad Castleberry, however, claims to squat 800 lbs, bench press 700 lbs, and deadlift 750 lbs.

These are record-breaking numbers for a powerlifter of his size.

This fake plate controversy irked the sentiments of people.

Brad was considered a role model for young teens who wanted to get fit.

But, he was trying to use fake plates and make them look genuine.

He is obviously a very strong bodybuilder but this fake plate controversy messed up things.

Even without fake weights, his lifts are very good and impressive.

There was one incident where a bodybuilder even offered $1000 to Brad.

He asked Brad to come and squat the weights that he had been claiming to lift.

The only condition was that the bodybuilder wanted Brad to do it right in front of him.

But, as expected, Brad refused to take the offer.

Since then he has been refusing strongmen and powerlifters worldwide for such showdowns.

However, the videos where he is lifting these heavyweights have millions of views online.

If he was genuine, then he would be one of the best powerlifters in the world.

There is one video in particular where he claims to curl 405 lbs.

The ridiculous thing however is that before curling he yells, “Kings do king things”.

Who is Brad Castleberry?

Real name – Bradly Castleberry. Professionally known as Brad Castleberry.

He has a strong presence online.

Brad Castleberry Steroids

His followers include both haters and supporters.

In simple words, he gets trolled online a lot.

Brad started his career as a football player and then a powerlifter.

Now, he competes professionally as a bodybuilder.

Also, he works as an online personal trainer.

He has a training program for his clients all over the world.

However, his videos irritate people and earn him some trolling.

On the flip side, he is a very hard-working person.

He is very serious about his diet and training.

Obviously, he follows a strict workout routine.

That is why he has the dream physique of most men.

He has amazing genes that helped him reach his fitness goals.

Brad Castleberry Stats

  • Height – 5’10” (177.5 cm)
  • Weight – 255 lbs (115.6 kg)

Bradly Castleberry was born on June 10, 1989, in the USA.

Early Life and Bodybuilding

Brad Castleberry grew up like any other typical American.

During his childhood, he was into sports and had an athletic physique.

Football interested him a lot and so he became a football player.

As he was already in good shape, when he started playing football, his physique improved a lot.

At the age of 15, he realized that he has a good physique so he started lifting weights.

Brad’s mom got him the membership of a gym.

He got interested in bodybuilding so he started reading fitness magazines.

Also, he joined online forums of bodybuilding to learn workout tips.

He slowly learned the techniques and started lifting properly.

With all the workouts he did, he started seeing results.

His muscle gains motivated him to take up bodybuilding seriously.

When he turned 19, he participated in his first competition.

Although he did not win, he impressed people a lot.

Soon after that, he competed in MuscleMania.

As he continued competing, he got first place and also got his pro card.

So, his goal of becoming a pro bodybuilder was fulfilled.

But, unfortunately, dieting and training put a lot of pressure on Brad.

Things became stressful for him both physically and mentally.

He needed some time off to improve his health and so he took a break.

Even while being on a break, he did not stop lifting.

However, he was lifting very intensely.

His focus was to maintain and improve his health.

He was spending more time doing other things that excited him.

Football and powerlifting became a part of his life at that time.

During his college days, he became a full-time footballer.

So, for 2 years straight he was playing football.

Basically, he did not let his already built muscles go away.

Also, he started focussing on how to improve his functionality.

Due to all these things and his amazing strength people started getting curious.

They raised questions like… does Brad Castleberry takes steroids?

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Brad Castleberry Workout Routine

If we ignore the personality of Castleberry, then we can notice how strong his build is.

One thing is for sure, these muscles cannot be build overnight.

He must have put in a lot of effort to get that physique.

Let’s not look at his fake weight lifting and only pay attention to his real workout routine.

Brad does powerlifting training for 6 days a week.

So, he only takes one day off from his training.

His main focus is on stretching, he doesn’t like doing it but he still does it.

To maintain his body’s flexibility, he does stretching.

This makes weight-lifting easier and does not put too much pressure on his joints.

Here is an example of Brad Castleberry’s workout routine:

  • 4 Core Lifts
    • Bench Press
    • Squats
    • Military Press
    • Deadlifts
  • Minimal Auxillary Lifts
  • 4 Workouts every week
  • Equivalent loads off of 1 RM
  • Start slowly and then progress
  • 4 week cycle
    • Deload
  • Increase weight to base 1 rep max
    • Squats and Deadlifts (10 lbs)
    • Military Press and Bench Press (5 lbs)

Brad Castleberry Diet

Most of the bodybuilders and athletes are inspirational for the younger.

Brad Castleberry on the other hand, is not the most inspirational or loved bodybuilder.

But, his physique is no joke.

Even if he is controversial, his physique can still give other bodybuilders a competition.

One of the main reasons behind his amazing physique is his diet.

So, let’s take a look at Brad Castleberry’s diet:

  • Peanut Butter
  • Bananas
  • Steak
  • Bread
  • Potatoes
  • Almonds
  • Eggs
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Oatmeal
  • Protein Powder

Keep in mind that this is a list of things that he regularly eats.

As a bodybuilder, he prefers a diet that helps in stay ripped and toned throughout the year.

He does not follow his diet very strictly.

There are often cheat meals that help him stay satisfied.

Also, Brad Castleberry follows a diet that is full of nutrients.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Brad Castleberry net worth?

The exact amount of Brad Castleberry’s net worth is not known because he has never shared any such information online. His income source, however, is believed to be his social media accounts, nutritional supplement range, and fitness training program. He has almost a million followers online, so he must be making a few hundred thousand dollars per year.

Does Brad Castleberry claim natural?

Yes, Brad Castleberry claims to be natural.

Is Brad Castleberry a bodybuilder?

Yes, he is a bodybuilder.

What does Brad Castleberry do for a living?

He does bodybuilding, powerlifting, sells nutritional supplements, and has an online training program related to fitness.


  • Images taken from Brad Castleberry’s Instagram.