Bradley Martyn Is On Steroids Or He Is Natural?

If you have been interested in working out and bodybuilding then there is a chance that you might know about Bradley Martyn. He is not a newbie in the bodybuilding scene, in fact, he is a pro.

Bradley Martyn is a super popular social media celebrity. His Youtube channel and Instagram followers are in millions.

One thing that cannot go unnoticed about him is that he is HUGE. His body can totally be compared to Arnold or maybe HULK!

Bradley Martyn Steroids or Natural

Huge amounts of muscle mass with less body fat percentage definitely makes you wonder whether steroids are involved or not?

So, we have put together some evidence to clear out the question:

Is Bradley Martyn on Steroids or Natural?

Let’s check out his physique now:

Bradley Martyn Stats

  • Age – 30 years. He was born on May 28, 1989
  • Height – 6’3 (6 feet 3 inches) or 1.9 meters
  • Weight – 234 lbs or 106 kg
  • Body Fat Percentage – Around 9.7%

All these stats are definitely more than Arnold Schwarzenegger so it shows that Bradley Martyn is gigantically huge.

But is he really natural or all these gains are a result of steroid intake?

Let’s dig a little deeper and find out the real truth!

Bradley Martyn Training Timeline

Bradley Martyn started weightlifting and body-building when he was just 15 or 16 years old. So, that would be the year 2005 – 2006.

Keep in mind that bodybuilders who have a significant muscle mass generally start working out during their teens or at a young age. Also, testosterone is responsible for increasing muscle mass. So, here are some natural testosterone boosters that help to bulk up naturally.

This helps them gain muscle mass quickly because their body is still in the growth phase. So, their genetics help to increase muscle mass.

Bradley Martyn Before and After

Bradley Martyn has also participated in bodybuilding shows.

The first one was the National Physique Committee (NPC). It was in the year 2011 and he was just an amateur at that time. Since then he has definitely come a long way.

He has become really big now with high muscle mass and low body fat but back in 2011 he was not at all like this – he was much smaller.

He has transformed a lot now. This amazing transformation could be a result of steroid use.

From 2011 to 2018 significant muscle gain… might be due to the use of steroids.

Someone who just started working out 5 to 6 years ago can gain huge amounts of muscle mass because his body has not reached a plateau yet. This means a complete newbie can gain that much but not an experienced bodybuilder.

Bradley Martyn has been training since 2005 and now since 2011 all of a sudden his body bulked up so significantly. How?

He is not a newbie. The amazing transformation in his already perfect physique signals that there might be steroids behind it.

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Bradley Martyn Steroid Use – Physical Signs

Bradley Martyn has a very lean and muscular body. In his overall appearance, he looks very natural.

In fact, he doesn’t show the most typical steroid use physical signs.

However, there are still some signs that give out the hint of possible steroid use. For example:

  • Thick Muscles

If you notice his muscles carefully, you will see that they are extremely thick. Some steroids make your muscles that thick.

So, it is not like the normal muscle thickness of a natural bodybuilder. His muscles are far thicker than natural.

Some widely used steroids can make your muscles appear that way. After using certain steroids your muscles become more round and hard solid. Keep in mind that steroids can cause side effects.

Bradley Martyn’s Gym and workout pictures posted in this article may give you a clear view of his round and thick muscles.

  • Red and Flushed Skin

Bradley Martyn’s skin looks very red and flushed.

Now you cannot have flushed skin all the time without a reason. So, what is it?

Bradley Martyn Steroids

One of the possible reasons could be raised body temperature. Maybe he does too much workout or maybe its something else.

You should know one thing that anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) tend to increase the body temperature of the user slightly.

When body temperature increases, skin looks flushed and red. However, this can be done by workout also.

As far as he is concerned, his skin color is naturally white so sometimes looking a little pink is not a big deal. But in some photos, his upper body looks abnormally super red.

So, what could be the reason – photoshop? bad lighting? excessive workout? or steroids?

  • Drug Testing

Drug testing is a process that governing authorities use during competitions.

It is very important because it checks whether someone has been taking steroids or not.

As Bradley participated in a competition so it is quite obvious that he has also undergone drug tests…

So, let’s see how Bradley Martyn performed…

You already know that he participated in the NPC bodybuilding competition.

NPC claims to be very strict and only have 100%, natural bodybuilders.

However, NPC does not have a very good reputation when it comes to finding out steroid users.

At times, many ex-contestants have said that the NPC drug tests are very easy to pass and if the bodybuilder is off the steroid stack at the time of the testing then it is easy to pass the test.

If in case, a bodybuilder fails the test, NPC would never reveal the name because they keep the contestant’s drug test results private… Maybe they do not believe in publicly shaming the contestant.

Now, this looks a little shady.

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Is Bradley Martyn on Steroids? – Verdict

The above evidence’s show that there may be a possibility that Bradley Martyn might be using steroids to build those massive muscles.

The physical signs in his body, his before and after pictures, his body’s drastic transformation all shout out loud that it’s extremely hard to attain it naturally.

Also, he has never personally denied (or agreed) to using steroids. If a person is completely natural he would tell it to the whole world rather than skipping the question.

Anyways, it’s his body so he has all the rights. We are not judging him even if he takes steroids.

However, if he is all natural and he has achieved those massive gains naturally then we have immense respect for his hard work and passion.

If you also want to replicate the same bodybuilding effects then instead of using steroids (because they are extremely dangerous for health) you should use a natural steroid alternative like D-Bal.

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  • Strips body fat.
  • Boosts free testosterone.

With D-bal you can expect to have similar kind of hard solid muscle gains like Bradley Martyn, but remember… your gains will be all natural.

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  2. Just yesterday I saw Bradley Martyn’s video for the first time. I am very interested in bodybuilding so I keep searching for it on youtube and google and yesterday Youtube recommended me one of his videos and after watching it I became curious about him so I searched whether he is natural or not and I found this article. Thanks for sharing all these facts.

  3. Rubbish – I don’t understand why can’t people appreciate other people’s hard work? why does it always have to be steroids? why can’t people accept that Bradley Martyn is natural?

  4. I have read some horrific stories about steroid side effects so I will personally never ever take steroids, I think going natty is the best thing.

  5. Steroid use caused Bradley Martyn’s hair loss. Just imagine what kind of effect steroids must be causing on his internal organs.

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