Connor Murphy: Steroids or Natural?

In this article, we will find out whether Connor Murphy has taken steroids or he is a natural bodybuilder. Connor is a famous Youtuber and an influencer and millions of people watch his videos.

He has a jacked and ripped body so obviously, people are curious about the reality behind his bodybuilding.

Connor Murphy: Steroids or Natural?

Connor Murphy is a social media star, a fitness enthusiast, a bodybuilder, and an entertainer. He has a very strong online presence with almost 500K followers on Instagram and 2.4 Million subscribers on YouTube.

Connor Murphy

So, it’s fair to say that he is popular online. Also, he is making a lot of money from YouTube and Instagram.

Connor Murphy creates entertaining content on YouTube where he easily pulls girls and trolls people. His physique, however, leaves a strong mark because skinny college guys get inspired by him when it comes to attracting girls.

So, let’s find out if Connor is natty or he has taken steroids to get that ripped physique.

Connor Murphy – Stats

  • Height – 6’1″ (186 cm)
  • Weight – 200 lbs (90 kg)
  • Date of Birth – October 7, 1994

Connor Murphy was born and raised in Texas, United States of America.

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Does Connor Murphy claim to be natty?

Whenever a bodybuilder comes out to clear the air about steroid use, it shows how focused they are on their fitness and health.

This is actually a good thing because if you are natty and people accuse you of using steroids, you should definitely tell them the truth and protect your dignity.

Similarly, if you secretly take steroids but pretend to be natty and then you come out and lie about it, will only raise more doubts, accusations, and stress.

That is why a lot of bodybuilders who are secretly juicing, try to dodge steroid-related questions as much as possible. While natural bodybuilders proudly say that they are 100% natty.

So, when Connor addressed this issue on camera, he said, “I am natural. I have never taken any steroids”.

Now, this is very solid evidence. If a person is lying, he would never be so confident and he would try to avoid this situation as much as possible.

But, Connor doesn’t run away from this question. He confidently cleared all the doubts and confirmed that he is a natural bodybuilder.

He also said that genetics play a very important role in bodybuilding and everybody is different. Many people are not able to achieve the same kind of physique as him because of their genetics.

All this shows that he really knows what he is saying. He knows that natural bodybuilding can be done and everybody doesn’t need to take steroids. He said that genetics is important for maximizing your workout efforts.

On the other hand, the bodybuilders who use steroids state that achieving a physique like them is not very difficult. All you have to do is just follow a rigorous training routine and eat the right kind of food.

The fact is that this is not the right way to achieve real results. You can just not ignore the importance of genetics.

Good genetics help in muscle growth and bodybuilding more than steroids. That is why there are many natural bodybuilders who have a better physique than those who take steroids.

Connor Murphy Bodybuilder

Steroid Symptoms

When someone is juicing, their body shows some obvious signs and symptoms of steroid usage.

These include – flushed or red skin, unusually large shoulders, very thin skin that shows veins easily.

As far as Connor is concerned, he does not show any of these signs.

When you look at Connor’s body, you will not notice any symptoms of steroid use. Also, his physique gives a very natty appearance.

His shoulders do not look unusually large. In fact, his biceps and triceps look more strong than his shoulders.

When bodybuilders start the steroid cycle their shoulders become unnaturally big and solid. They are often called boulder shoulders.

The reason is that the deltoids have more androgen receptors in them than other muscle groups. So, they grow more than other muscles.

Connor has a very lean body and his shoulders are not extremely big in comparison to his overall muscle growth.

In addition, his muscles have a smooth and defined look which is a sign of a natural bodybuilder. Also, his muscles do not look super dry.

If you take steroids like Winstrol or Trenbolone, there is no doubt that these steroids are extremely effective but they are dangerous. And these steroids are diuretic in nature.

So, if a bodybuilder takes these steroids, his muscles get extremely dry. This is a very clear sign of steroid use.

Connor Murphy Steriods

Gains Timeline

The best evidence that reveals whether a person has been juicing or not is to check his gains timeline.

If a guy has sudden muscle growth then it could be due to steroids. On the other hand, if he had gradual muscle growth then that could mean that he is natty.

So, let’s take a look at Connor Murphy’s gains timeline.

When he was just a 17 years old teenager, he was huge and weighed 185 lbs. He already had lean muscle mass during his teenage years. This was his growth time so his muscles were growing at a good pace.

After this initial growth spurt, he plateaued for almost 3 years. Then, at the age of 20, he gained 20 lbs within a year. That made him weigh up to 205 lbs. As of 2021, his current weight is 200 lbs.

The thing about natty bodybuilders is that they do not gain a lot after their initial newbie gains. This happens because their genes reach their full potential for muscle growth.

However, Connor gained 20 lbs in weight after his initial newbie gains and this definitely needs an explanation.

According to Connor, he didn’t only gain lean muscle mass, instead, he gained overall body fat. In fact, he was trying to get bulky and he got tall because he was still in his growth phase.

Also, he started following a full-body workout routine. This workout routine would last up to 45 minutes and he would do it every alternative day.

Now, these explanations make his 20 lbs of gain look legit and natural. As he grew taller, obviously, it affected his weight and he also bulked up.

When he was just 17, every other day he was doing a full-body workout routine. This helped him gain all that muscle mass.

If Connor was taking steroids, he would have gained more than 60 lbs but he just gained a mere 20 lbs. That is normal for natural bodybuilders.

Connor Murphy Natural Bodybuilder

Competition History

Connor Murphy doesn’t have a long history of participating in competitions. In fact, he has only participated in one competition to date. It was the NPC in the Men’s Physique category.

Now the big question here is about the legitimacy and drug-testing policy of the NPC.

The NPC does do a steroid test but they are not a legit natty federation.

The drug tests that they conduct in their natural segment are very easy for steroid users to pass. The reason is that they only carry the tests on specified dates.

This gives steroid users an upper edge. They can easily get off their steroids and clear out their system so that they can appear natural in test results.

One thing that all natty federations do is that they never give out the dates of the tests. Basically, they want to maintain the legitimacy of their tests.

They conduct random tests all year round and catch any bodybuilder who pretends to be natty but takes steroids in reality.

Just because NPC doesn’t follow a strict drug-testing procedure that does not mean that everyone who participates in it is a steroid user. Similarly, it does not directly make Connor Murphy a steroid user.

It just means that there is a high possibility that some of the guys competing must be juicing.

The reason why a lot of natural bodybuilders participate in non-natty competitions is that there are very few federations that are 100% genuine and natty.

Connor Murphy YouTuber


All the evidence shows that Connor Murphy is a natural bodybuilder. As of now, there are no signs or symptoms of him using steroids.

Even his gains timeline clearly shows that he is natty. Also, he went on record to deny juicing.

Connor himself gave the credit for his bodybuilding to his genes.

However, there is one thing that is easily noticeable that he is not an extremely huge and big guy. He doesn’t look like Hulk. I mean he doesn’t look unnaturally big.

In fact, when he has a shirt on, his muscles don’t really pop out that much. On the other hand, when he is shirtless he looks really impressive.

So, he is not a mass monster but he is super jacked.

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The images are taken from Connor Murphy’s Instagram