Is Josef Rakich on Steroids or Natty?

In this article, we will discuss if Josef Rakich has taken steroids or he is natty. He is a fitness expert and a bodybuilder from New Zealand who has inspired millions of people to improve their fitness levels.

Is Josef Rakich on Steroids or Natty?

Josef Rakich is a bodybuilder and personal trainer certified by ISSA. He is super popular on social media and has millions of followers.

Josef Rakich Steroids

He has more than 3 million followers on Facebook, almost 50k followers on Twitter, more than 800K followers on Instagram, and more than 300K subscribers on YouTube.

Due to so many followers, he keeps getting various sponsorship deals too.

He keeps helping people from all over the world get jacked by following his fitness and workout tips and tricks. Millions of people have been inspired by his amazing transformation and want to achieve similar results.

However, there are still a lot of people who want to know how he did it? Did Josef Rakich take steroids to get jacked, or he is natural?

Let’s find out everything in detail…

Josef Rakich Stats

  • Height – 5’10” (177 cm)
  • Weight – 185 lbs (84 kg)
  • Body Fat – 5%

Josef Rakich is a personal trainer and bodybuilder from New Zealand. He is famous for staying lean and maintaining his physique throughout the year.

Josef Rakich Body Transformation

Due to his knowledge of fitness and bodybuilding, he has more than 100K clients all over the world. He helps people to get fit and achieve results.

In addition, he has millions of followers on social media. People follow him for his fitness tips and tricks so that they can get their dream physique.

Josef is among the first bodybuilders who backed the philosophy of IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros). It is a diet form that helps you lose weight by keeping a track of the macronutrients in your food.

So, it is like a flexible diet form where you can eat whatever you like while maintaining your macronutrients. This way you can get your calories as well. So, you are not restricting yourself from eating your favorite food.

This is the reason why Josef often eats food like chocolate cake, sushi, pizza, and more. In fact, a few years ago, he posted on the forum that he eats McDonald’s every day. Even after eating so much fast food, he was super shredded.

Josef Rakich’s Body Transformation of 2 Years

He had a spectacular body transformation in just 2 years. A few years ago, he posted this information online that his body transformed amazingly from 2008 to 2010.

Josef Rakich Before and After

Now, for example, you have a body like Steve Rogers and suddenly within a couple of years you turn into Captain America then it does raise a little doubt.

There could be two reasons behind it:

He has superhuman-like genes. If someone is blessed with great genes then he can easily get jacked as soon as he starts lifting weights. If you look at the comparison picture above, it seems that he is not a genetic freak.

The second reason is that he might have been taking steroids. Let’s find out if there is any evidence to prove that he has been juicing.

Flushed Red Skin

If someone takes steroids then there are obvious signs that appear on his body. These signs and symptoms cannot be hidden and they reveal everything.

Josef Rakich Flushed Skin

A flushed look or redness of the skin is a very common sign of using steroids. Josef often appears with flushed red skin.

Basically, steroids increase blood pressure this, in turn, raises body temperature and the skin looks flushed or red. In addition, they also increase your LDL (bad cholesterol) levels.

Usually, the steroids that cause this condition are bulking steroids. These include – Dianabol and Testosterone.

There is another steroid that gives similar effects and that is Clenbuterol. Even though, it is a cutting steroid still it can give your skin a similar look.

This happens because Clen increases your blood pressure. Your nervous system is affected and more adrenaline is produced. As a result, the skin looks red and flushed.

In the case of Josef, his skin appears more flushed when his body fat is the lowest. In fact, he looks super-shredded with flushed skin. This might be due to Clen.


Josef maintains a very shredded physique throughout the year, however, his face looks bloated.

When you are shredded to the bone but your face is bloated, it might be due to steroid intake. One very common side effect of steroids is water retention.

The steroids that are notorious for causing fluid retention are Anadrol, Dianabol, and Testosterone. However, if you are taking very small doses of anabolic steroids then these symptoms might not even show.

Many bodybuilders of the 60s and 70s era including Arnold Schwarzenegger use to take very mild steroids and that is why they were not always bloated.

So, if Josef is bloated then it might be that he is taking high doses.

Gains Timeline

Looking at a person’s gains timeline reveals a lot whether the person has taken steroids or not.

Josef Rakich Steroids

Josef Rakich went from a skinny guy to a muscular guy in just 2 years. However, he kept making a significant increase in his muscle gains even after that time.

In December 2013, he weighed 170 lbs and his body fat was 5%. Then in an interview with Fit Over Fat in February 2015, he revealed that his weight is 191 lbs and his body fat is still 5%.

This means that he gained almost 20 lbs of muscle mass within 1 year and 2 months. These were not his newbie gains. In addition, to gaining muscle mass, his body fat percentage did not fluctuate.

Natural bodybuilders gain muscles as soon as they start lifting weights. Once they reach the limit of their newbie gains, they only get small gains. They do not experience drastic gains after that.

As far as Josef Rakich is concerned, after having his initial newbie gains, he has been gaining significantly for several years. This is a sign of steroid intake.


Another very common sign of steroid use is vascularity. Josef’s veins are very prominently visible all over his body.

Josef Rakich Vascularity

The reason is that steroids lower the level of collagen in your body. Collagen is an essential protein that keeps your skin soft, supple, and youthful. When collagen depletes wrinkles start forming and your skin becomes thin.

Thin skin results in more vascularity. However, it does not mean that everybody who has thin skin and whose veins are visible is taking steroids.

When you look at Josef, he has too much vascularity and it might have been a result of anabolic steroids.

Josef Rakich got Busted with Drugs

In 2013, Josef Rakich was found dealing with mephedrone and he was arrested for it. Mephedrone is a drug that is considered a mix between cocaine and ecstasy.

After his arrest, he pleaded guilty but he was not convicted. The reason was that this offense was actually committed a few years ago. If he would have been convicted, his business at the time would have been destroyed.

Keep in mind that dealing with mephedrone does not necessarily mean that he has taken steroids. However, if he can deal with these kinds of things then the possibility of him taking anabolic steroids is high.

Is Josef Rakich on Steroids?

On the basis of the evidence, it looks like Josef Rakich has taken steroids at some point in his life.

Josef Rakich Bodybuilding

His gains timeline reveals a lot about the usage of steroids. In just 2 years, he got huge and gained massive muscle mass.

Similarly, there are other visible signs of using steroids on his body like flushed skin, bloating, and too much vascularity. These signs are very common in bodybuilders who are juicing.

Josef Rakich – Potential Steroid Stack

As it looks Josef has been juicing so, here is a list of a steroid stack he might have used to get jacked.

Even if a person has used steroids that does not mean he has not worked hard enough to build his physique. He should not be discredited for all the hard work he has done over the years.

Millions of people all over the world take steroids but how many of them get real results? Not every steroid user can get results like Josef Rakich or other bodybuilders.

So, it really depends on your own potential. If you only take steroids and do not follow a good workout routine or you do not lift weights properly then you will not be able to see real results.

Before starting his fitness journey, Rakich was a skinny guy but with the right nutrition and workout routine, he gained muscle mass. So, it’s not just because of steroids but also training and nutrition.

Even if someone doesn’t take steroids still he can learn a lot from Josef about fitness and exercise.

Best Steroid Alternatives

We do not recommend using steroids because they are banned and dangerous for health. Steroids can cause many side effects so you should avoid using them.

There are many different alternatives available that can help you achieve similar results without side effects. Let’s check them out…

Legal Testosterone Alternative

Testosterone is a hormone that is essential in bodybuilding and maintaining your fitness levels. If your T-levels deplete, no matter how much you sweat in the gym, gaining muscles will be extremely difficult.

In addition, testosterone levels help in maintaining your overall fitness levels. That is why many bodybuilders use banned substances to boost their testosterone levels.

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Legal Dianabol Alternative

Every bodybuilder knows the potential of Dianabol – it is the big daddy of all steroids. It can easily bulk (Hulk) you up but it causes very serious side effects. This is the reason why it is banned and illegal for use.

If you use Dianabol for your bulking cycle then you can get into trouble with random drug testing for competitions. The worst thing is that if you get caught using this illegal substance, you can get banned from participating in competitions.

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Legal Clenbuterol Alternative

Just like Dianabol, the real Clenbuterol can cause serious side effects. Even though Clenbuterol is not a steroid but it still has some anabolic properties. Due to these properties, it helps in increasing lean muscle mass.

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  • The images credit goes to Josef Rakich’s Instagram