Lazar Angelov Workout Routine

In this article, we will discuss the Lazar Angelov workout routine. He is a famous bodybuilder from Bulgaria who has a very strong online presence with millions of followers on social media.

Lazar started his fitness journey playing basketball and then he went to the army. After that, he became a full-time bodybuilder and fitness model.

Lazar Angelov Workout Routine

With years of hard work and training, Angelov managed to achieve recognition as a professional bodybuilder worldwide.

Lazar Angelov – Current Stats

  • Height – 5’11” (180 cm)
  • Weight – 195 lbs (88 kg)
  • Nationality – Bulgaria

Lazar was born on September 22, 1984, in Sofia, Bulgaria. He works as a professional model.

Also, he works as a fitness instructor and author. He sells his own nutrition supplement range. Also, find out about Lazar Angelov: steroids or natural.

There is no doubt that he did a lot of hard work to transform his body. So, let’s take a look at the Lazar Angelov workout routine to get ideas about how you can also replicate the same to achieve your fitness goals.

Lazar Angelov – Workout Routine Principles

Lazar follows a special type of workout routine, where he shocks his muscles just like some pro bodybuilders do.

He wants to maintain a shredded physique. Lazar performs a set of compound exercises along with isolation. He does several reps in each set.

Basically, the motive behind all these exercises is that Lazar wants to maintain his gains and achieve the maximum results out of his efforts.

In addition, he does cardio for at least 20 minutes and also HIIT workout. Both these help him to maintain his lean muscle mass.

His diet also consists of low calorie and high protein food, so that his muscle mass can be maintained.

Lazar Angelov Workout Routine

Lazar Angelov Workout Routine

The Lazara Angelov workout routine has a lot of different types of exercises. We have curated the list here to make it easy for you.

You can follow these exercises along with his diet plan and achieve the same bodybuilding results. As Lazar Angelov is a natural bodybuilder, his workout routine is very in-depth.

Also, you can notice that he not only exercises but also takes a lot of rest. This helps him to avoid getting injured. It also increases his recovery rates and strengthens his muscles.

Now, let’s see his workout routine in detail:

Monday – Chest, and Abs

On Monday, Lazar starts his workout week by doing 9 different types of exercises. Each exercise lasts for around 6 to 8 reps, depending on his stamina.

  • Flat Bench – 4 sets (6-8 reps)
  • Decline Bench – 4 sets (6-8 reps)
  • Hammer Press – 3 sets (6-8 reps)
  • Incline Bench – 4 sets (6-8 reps)
  • Pullover – 4 sets (6-8 reps)
  • Dips until 3x failure.
  • Side Bends until 4x failure.
  • Weighted Sit-ups until 4x failure.
  • Hanging Leg Raises until 4x failure.

Tuesday – Triceps, and Back

Tuesday is the day for Lazar to focus on his back and triceps. In total, he does 6 different types of exercises that help strengthen his back, and triceps muscles.

  • Bent-Over Row – 4 sets (6-8 reps)
  • Pulldowns – 4 sets (6-8 reps)
  • Cable Row – 4 sets (6-8 reps)
  • Deadlift – 4 sets (6-8 reps)
  • Pull-Ups – 4 sets (6-8 reps)
  • Shrugs – 6 sets (8-10 reps)

Lazar Angelov

Wednesday – Delts, Abs, and Forearms

Lazar does a delts, abs, and forearms workout routine on Wednesday. He does a total of 13 different types of exercises and each set can last up to 8 reps depending on his stamina.

  • Lateral Raises – 4 sets (6-8 reps)
  • Dumbbell Front Raises – 4 sets (6-8 reps)
  • Military Press Behind The Neck – 3 sets (6-8 reps)
  • Machine Press – 4 sets (6-8 reps)
  • Reverse Fly’s using the incline bench – 4 sets (6-8 reps)
  • Weight-plate Front Raises – 4 sets (8-10 reps)
  • Reverse Pec Deck – 4 sets (8-10 reps)
  • Behind The Back Wrist Curl until 4x failure.
  • Side Crunches until 4x failure.
  • Weighted Side Bends until 4x failure.
  • Weighted Sit-ups until 4x failure.
  • Hanging Leg Raises until 4x failure.
  • Barbell Reverse Wrist Curl Over Bench until 4x failure.

Thursday – Biceps, and Triceps

Lazar spends Thursday working out on his biceps and triceps. He does a total of 8 exercises.

  • Close-grip Bench Press – 4 sets (6-8 reps)
  • Cable Kickbacks – 4 sets (6-8 reps)
  • Pushdowns – 4 sets (6-8 reps)
  • EZ Bar Curls – 4 sets (6-8 reps)
  • EZ Bar Skull Crushers – 4 sets (8-10 reps)
  • Hammer Curls on each hand – 4 sets (6-8 reps)
  • Concentration Curls – 4 sets (6-8 reps)
  • Wide Grip Curls – 4 sets (6-8 reps)

Friday – Abs, and Legs

On Friday, Lazar works to build his legs and abs muscles. He does 14 different types of exercises to strengthen his muscles.

  • Squats – 4 sets (10-12 reps)
  • Bulgarian Squat – 4 sets (10-12 reps)
  • Squat To Bench – 4 sets (10-12 reps)
  • Leg Extensions – 4 sets (14-16 reps)
  • Leg Curls – 4 sets (14-16 reps)
  • Stiff-leg Deadlifts – 4 sets (10-12 reps)
  • Glute Kickbacks – 4 sets (18-20 reps)
  • Seated Calf Raises – 4 sets (18-20 reps)
  • Calf Machine Raises – 4 sets (18-20 reps)
  • Calf Raise Leg Press – 4 sets (18-20 reps)
  • Air Bike until 4x failure
  • Weighted Side Bends until 4x failure
  • Standing Barbell Twists until 4x failure
  • Weighted Sit-ups until 4x failure


Saturday and Sunday – Rest

After a long week of workout, Lazar gives himself some time off on the weekend to rest and relax.

Resting is extremely important if you want to see real bodybuilding results.

Basically, when you push yourself to the limits while exercising, your muscles go through a lot of strain. If at that time, you follow a good diet routine and rest enough then you can easily see amazing bodybuilding results.

However, if you do not rest then your body goes through a lot of strain and stress and this causes health issues. You can even get injured which can cause long-term problems.

Lazar Angelov – Diet Routine

A workout routine is incomplete without having a proper diet plan.

No matter how much you exercise, always remember, your fitness journey starts from the kitchen.

If you do not eat the right kind of food at the right time then you can not gain muscle mass. So, all your efforts and time that you spend in the gym go to waste.

Let’s check out the diet routine of Lazar Angelov to know all his fitness secrets.

Lazar follows a strict diet plan that can be divided into 6 meals a day. He doesn’t consume all his calories at once, he divides it.

On average, he consumes 245 gm of protein every day. Also, he takes at least 2 to 3 hours of gap between all his meals. So, his metabolism is active throughout the day.

His diet is a combination of proteins, low-carbs, dietary fibers, and vitamins.

Now, let’s check out his diet plan in detail:

Lazar Angelov Diet Plan

First Meal

He prefers taking oatmeal with some eggs. After that, he eats peanut butter along with grapefruit.

Second Meal

His second meal is usually chicken with some rice and broccoli. So, that is a combination of protein, carbs, and dietary fiber.

Third Meal

Then the third meal is pasta with some tuna fish and avocado because fruits are important.

Fourth Meal

After that, he again eats chicken and rice. This is his main source of energy. He works out a lot, so he needs that boost of energy.

Fifth Meal

His fifth meal is usually light, so he eats salmon and a green salad.

Sixth Meal

He eats cottage cheese and broccoli. Both these things are loaded with proteins, dietary fiber, and vitamins.

Also, he keeps himself hydrated throughout the day by drinking water, matcha green tea, or more liquids. Occasionally, he eats Pizza too, after all, who doesn’t like a cheat meal? 😉

Lazar Angelov Diet Plan


There is a possibility that Lazar uses some supplements to maximize his workout efforts. These supplements may include:

  • Whey Protein
  • Arginine
  • BCAA
  • Glutamine
  • Glucosamine
  • Fish Oil
  • N.O. Booster

Lazar Angelov Workout Routine – Conclusion

Lazar Angelov is a popular bodybuilder and fitness expert who is an inspiration for thousands of young and budding bodybuilders.

He motivates people to live a more healthy and active lifestyle. Also, he has his own online training program to help people learn the basics of bodybuilding.

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Images are taken from Lazar Angelov Instagram