Trenbolone Review

In this article, we will discuss the Trenbolone review, customer testimonials, side effects, a legally safe alternative, and more.

So, if you want to know the real truth then you should read this review. There is nothing sugar-coated here, our review is based on facts.

Many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts use it to build muscles for participating in competitions. This steroid gives you massive gains.

Below is the image of the number one legal Trenbolone alternative.

Trenbolone alternative - Trenorol

Trenbolone Review

One thing is for sure Trenbolone is a very potent steroid that gives massive bodybuilding results. But, it causes severe side effects.

These side effects can even damage your internal organs. That is why it is illegal and banned from use.

So, instead of trying the real anabolic steroid, you should check out its legal alternative.

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What is Trenbolone?

Trenbolone is a powerful anabolic steroid. In fact, it is one of the most potent steroids available today that give massive bodybuilding results.

Using this steroid has become very popular in recent years. More and more bodybuilders want to gain massive muscle mass and they use Trenbolone for it.

Personally, I am a big supporter of natural bodybuilding because it is completely risk-free. So, I don’t advise people to use Trenbolone because it can cause severe side effects.

I always recommend the safest and the best Trenbolone alternative – Trenorol. It is made with 100% natural ingredients, so it is legal for use.

Also, Trenorol mimics the same bodybuilding effects of Trenbolone but its natural ingredients do not cause any side effects. So, it is safe for use.

Anyways, let’s discuss the Trenbolone review again…

Trenbolone is an anabolic and androgenic steroid that belongs to the nandrolone group. It is marked to be used for clinical and veterinary use only.

Nandrolone is a part of the 19-Nor compound. This compound belongs to the category of anabolic steroids. So, Trenbolone leaves androgenic effects on your body.

When you start your Tren steroids cycle, it binds your body’s androgenic receptors together very strongly. This ultimately helps in building massive muscle mass.

All this gives you fast muscle gains. In comparison to testosterone, Trenbolone is 5 times strong and more powerful.

What is the use of Trenbolone steroid?

Before trying Trenbolone, you should know what is the use of this steroid. You might also be wondering if bodybuilders actually use it or not.

Some bodybuilders do use Trenbolone, in fact, they use a whole stack of steroids but no one will ever come forward and openly accept it.

Obviously, steroids are restricted and banned, so openly accepting that you have used them will ruin your career as an athlete.

But, I am not saying that all the bodybuilders use steroids, some are definitely natty like Donte Franklin.

So, let’s quickly understand what is the use of Trenbolone.

This drug is a sure-shot guarantee of rapid muscle growth. It cuts the excess body fat and increases your lean muscle mass.

It sticks to many of your body’s catabolic hormone receptors. So, it blocks your hormones from sending signals to your muscle cells.

Legal Steroid Alternative

It effectively inhibits your cortisol levels. Also, it increases nitrogen retention in your body which results in muscle growth.

You can take this steroid either orally or inject it with needles in your body.

Is Trenbolone Safe?

In simple words, Trenbolone is not a safe steroid and it can cause serious health problems.

It is a known fact that many bodybuilders consume Trenbolone illegally. However, it is a banned and restricted steroid that should never be used without a medical prescription.

The muscle gains with this steroid are no doubt “Huge” but these gains are unhealthy and damaging for your health.

Personally speaking, I have never tried Trenbolone myself and I will never ever recommend it to anyone because it can damage organs.

Chris Bumstead

What are the side effects of Trenbolone?

Trenbolone has many common as well as severe side effects. These include:

  • Acne.
  • Hair loss on the scalp.
  • Hair growth on the body.
  • Change in voice.
  • Increased sexual desire.
  • Suppressed testosterone levels.
  • Gynaecomastia (man-boobs).
  • Increased cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • Depression and anxiety.
  • Increased visceral fat.
  • Virilization (in women).
  • Cough.

Check out all these Tren steroids side effects in detail.

Testimonial (Customer Review)

I would personally never use any illegal or banned substance but I know that a lot of people do try out stuff like this.

A couple of years ago when I was not into blogging, I met a guy in my gym. He looked really ripped and I was totally impressed by his gains.

Soon I found out that he was juicing. I wasn’t impressed anymore but I was definitely curious to know about his experience.

So, here I am going to share his story (testimonial) after using Tren.

He took the purest form of it, so it was available as a liquid. He would mix just 1 drop of the substance in a bottle of water and drink it.

So, every time he would refill his bottle he would put 1 drop of the liquid into it.

He told me that during the first couple of weeks, his experience was just average. But, right from the third week onwards, the results started appearing.

Also, his diet was loaded with proteins and nutrients. His results were truly amazing.

He bulked up rapidly and all the mass he gained was pure muscles.

Honestly, I did notice some acne on his body. But, I don’t know whether he was getting any more side effects or not. I didn’t ask him.

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Should You Consume Trenbolone?

As you already know Trenbolone is an anabolic steroid so consuming it without a prescription is illegal. However, many people buy it from illicit and shady places.

There have been many reports and studies that revealed the negative effects of Trenbolone. That is why many countries including America and European countries have banned it.

The rapid bodybuilding results that this steroid gives are definitely fascinating but the side effects are extremely dangerous.

There have been many incidents where people who used Trenbolone, got both their kidneys damaged, or their liver permanently got damaged.

So, it’s important for you to know the side effects and dangers of Trenbolone.

Dosage – How Much Should I Take?

Even after knowing all the side effects and dangers of Trenbolone, if you still want to consume it then you should know how much quantity is safe.

This steroid is highly potent so keep your consumption within limits. Excessive consumption can be bad for your health.

Even if you consume a very small amount, you can still get massive gains. Keep in mind, that these muscle gains will be unhealthy for you.

As a beginner, 50 mg of the dose is more than enough. Your dosage should not be more than 200 mg in a week. With it, you can lose body fat rapidly.

If you have been using this steroid for quite some time then you can increase your dosage up to 100 mg. But still, your dosage should not exceed 400 mg in a week.

For regular users of this steroid, 100-150 mg of the dosage is also fine. However, the weekly limit should not exceed 600 mg.

If you get any of the side effects then you should immediately stop consuming it.

The recommended Trenbolone cycle should be for 8 to 10 weeks. Use it at your own risk.

Trenbolone Alternative

Anabolic steroids are not the only way to increase muscle mass. There are many natural bodybuilders out there.

You just need to have motivation, a proper diet, and a workout routine as well as consistency to get your desired bodybuilding goals.

I agree you cannot get unnaturally huge (like Hulk :-p) but you will get bigger and stronger. Plus all your gains will be natural.

The biggest advantage of using a legal Trenbolone alternative – Trenorol is that it is made with only natural ingredients.

It is free from side effects and it does not damage your internal organs. Also, it is 100% legal. So, you can use Trenorol in competitions too.

If you really want something that can help you with bulking rapidly that Trenorol is perfect for you.

It has been on the market for more than 5 years and hundreds of thousands of people have already used it successfully for bodybuilding.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Tren a good steroid?

When it comes to rapid muscle gains, Tren is one of the best steroids but it causes a lot of side effects. So, Tren is not a good steroid for your health.

What does Tren do to the body?

Tren has extreme muscle bulking and fat-burning effects. Often veterinarians use this steroid to increase the muscle mass of livestock. Tren has similar effects on the human body too.

How fast does trenbolone acetate work?

Tren starts showing results within the first 2 to 3 weeks. It is preferred by many bodybuilders because it gives rapid results.

Can Tren cause erectile dysfunction?

Tren can cause various health problems because it messes up your entire hormonal system. So, yes, some people might suffer from erectile dysfunction also.


Disclaimer: This article is for general information purposes only, we do not recommend or promote using illegal steroids.