Bodybuilding Misc

Bodybuilding Misc or Misc Bodybuilding was a section of the Bodybuilding forum. Recently, the forum just disappeared without any prior notice.

This created a lot of confusion among the forum members. People want to know what exactly happened.

What Happened To Bodybuilding Misc?

In May 2021, the Bodybuilding Misc forum got deleted. This created a stir among the members of the forum because they wanted to know why it happened.

Moreover, the members started a new thread on the main forum to ask about the situation.

Misc Bodybuilding

There was a mixed opinion among people.

According to some people, it is not deleted, it is just private.

Some members said that only paid members can get access now.

Then there were some people who said that they don’t care whether it exists or not.

Everyone wanted to share their insights on the topic even without having any factual evidence.

Initially, the moderators did not reply and in some rare cases, they even deleted the posts of some members in that thread.

After a while, one member replied that anybody who has not joined and participated in the Misc Bodybuilding forum before May 2021 cannot get access to it now.

Bodybuilding Misc

However, there is still no final decision on the matter.

Bodybuilding Misc Deleted

It seems genuine that the forum members who do not have access to the misc felt that it got deleted suddenly.

Some forum members even said that only those members who have platinum membership can get access to the misc.

Many members seem interested in hopping on to the Teen Misc forum and continue with their regular discussions.

There were some members who did not like the idea of getting locked out of the Misc Bodybuilding forum. They claimed to be lurking around for almost a decade.

They want to have it back and accessible to everyone.

It seems like the moderators are doing some kind of an update.

In addition, they are trying to keep the spam-bots out of their forum and that is why they made it private.

Recently a lot of forums over the internet have been experiencing similar spam-bot account creation problems.

These spammers just create an account on various forums and then post either irrelevant content or spammy links.

Moderators have to keep a check on these types of account creators so that the quality of their forum does not deteriorate.

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