Did Chris Evans Take Steroids for Captain America?

Chris Evans has been a part of the world’s highest-grossing film and he has played the pivotal role of Captain America.

There is no doubt that Captain America has a big build and he looks like someone who can save the world. So, to achieve that kind of dependable super-human look… Did Chris Evans take steroids for Captain America?

Now, if you have seen Captain America “The First Avenger” then there is this storyline that Steve Rogers is a tiny skinny guy who transforms into the superhuman Captain America.

Chris Evans

There was a lot of CG (computer graphics) involved in the making of the film because Chris is not a tiny skinny guy, to begin with. They purposely made him look skinny so that his transformation looks super amazing.

But, a film is a film… what about reality? Did he take steroids in reality?

Chris Evans’ stats in Captain America:

  • Height – 6 ft
  • Weight – 180 lbs approx.

He is tall but he is not very heavy and his physique is very good. Even though he is not a bodybuilder, but still he has a very aesthetic looking body.

Any natural bodybuilder can easily achieve the body like Chris but does not that mean he is natty?

We all know how the tiny guy Steve Rogers transformed into Captain America… he took that super serum injection.

So, what is the reality behind Chris Evans’s physique? Did he use steroids to grow his muscles?

Let’s find out the truth…

Chris Evans during Fantastic 4

Chris Evans has been associated with the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2005. Fantastic 4 was the first Marvel film, he featured in and it was released back in 2005. Then in 2007, a sequel of Fantastic 4 was released.

Chris Evans Before and After

In both these films, there were many scenes where Chris was shirtless because he was playing the character of Johnny Storm “The Human Torch”.

Captain America was released in 2011, 6 years after Fantastic 4. So, if you compare his physique then you can notice that his size did not change extremely.

He was always in a good shape. His muscle mass was almost the same, there were no extreme or unnatural gains. He did not blow up suddenly.

Take a look at this before and after picture:

Also, as Captain America, Chris never leaves a moment to flaunt his perfectly sculpted body. He always wears tight T-shirts, which makes him look more chiseled.

There are many articles online that claim Chris has gained somewhere between 20 lbs to 30 lbs of muscle mass for Captain America. But, there is no proof behind this claim.

Now, if a person will increase 20 or 30 lbs of muscle mass, his body will transform and change. He will not have a little change in his size. In fact, his size will change drastically.

Just take a look at Henry Cavill for example…

For his character of Superman, he just gained 15 lbs and that made him look like a bulky beast on screen. Find out if Henry Cavill takes steroids or not?

So, if you compare the physiques of Chris Evans and Henry Cavill, there is no chance that Chris gained 20 lbs, forget about 30 lbs.

Henry Cavill

If he would have gained that much… Captain America would have been a lot bigger than Superman.

There is a possibility that Chris is not a regular weight-lifter. Maybe he trains vigorously before he starts filming and that is why he experiences the newbie gains. This makes him look buff for Captain America and other films.

If that is the case then gaining 20 lbs as a newbie in just a few weeks is possible. It can also be because of muscle memory.

Chris starred in Puncture, right before Captain America. In that film, he played the role of a tattooed lawyer and that gave him the opportunity to flaunt his muscles. In that movie also he was quite buffed.

One of the reasons behind his aesthetic physique is exercise. You can take a look at Chris Evans workout routine to know what type of exercises he does to maintain his gains.

Did he use steroids before the film Fantastic 4?

Fantastic 4 released in 2005 and Chris doesn’t look much different from then. His size has remained almost the same. He has not even got any leaner.

There is very little chance that Chris used steroids before Fantastic 4 because he doesn’t look extremely muscular in that film. His physique definitely looks good.

However, his physique doesn’t look very made up using steroids.

If you look at his images from his previous films like Cellular (2004) or Another Teen Movie (2001) then you can notice that there is not a very big difference in his size. He doesn’t look very muscular or bulky now. In fact, his size has almost remained the same throughout all these years.

Symptoms of Using Steroids

Chris does not have any steroid symptoms. This means, he has:

  • Great hair.
  • Perfectly clear skin.
  • No bloating.
  • Smooth looking muscles.
  • No flushing or redness on the skin.
  • No symptoms of gyno

Steroids affect the way your skin looks. One of the side effects of using steroids is the increased aging process.

Basically, steroids are notorious for decreasing the levels of collagen. It also hinders the production of new collagen molecules in your body. Collagen is a type of protein that is responsible for keeping your skin young, soft, and supple.

Chris Evans Steroids

Another side effect of steroids is hair loss. The reason is that it increases the levels of the male androgenic hormone – Dihydrotestosterone. It is commonly known as DHT and often leads to male-pattern baldness.

If you see the hair-line of Chris Evans then you can notice that his hair is perfectly fine. There are no signs of hair loss or even hair thinning in him.

Another problem with steroid-use is that it can make you look very dry and shredded. Especially, Winstrol, Anavar, and Trenbolone are some of the steroids that have diuretic properties.

Therefore, if you use them, water from your body will be flushed out. This makes your muscles look extremely shredded and dry. As far as Chris is concerned, he has very smooth looking muscles. He doesn’t have that dry appearance.

Steroids also make you look flushed or red. The reason is that they increase your body temperature, which makes your skin color a little flushed than your real complexion. Chris Evans doesn’t show this symptom on his body at all.

Most steroids cause bloating. It is like a package deal… You are taking steroids, you’ll get bloated.

Chris Evans doesn’t show any signs of bloating. In fact, he has a slim face and a small waist. His waist is so small and he has a v-shape that his Avenger co-actors call him “Dorito’s”.

Verdict – Natural

All the evidence proves that Chris Evans is natty.

Even though trolls accuse him of taking steroids but the evidence shows that he hasn’t got any massive gains since 2004. He was almost the same size even before Captain America.

It was not like he had any major transformation in his body for the role of Captain America. He was not a lean guy before doing that film who suddenly got big.

In fact, his body is a perfect example of how you can get a perfect physique even after being natural. You don’t need to turn yourself into a mass monster to look aesthetic.

Also, if your body fat is under 10%, your muscles look more defined, and that gives them a bigger appearance.

Getting a body like Chris Evans in Captain America is achievable and you can do it too.

Chris Evans Captain America

Keep in mind that in this image, Chris Evans has shaved and oiled his body, and also the lighting on his upper body is enhancing his appearance.

It is a common practice among bodybuilders to shave off all the body hair and spread loads of oil all over the body when posing on stage in competitions. The reason is that it enhances all the cuts, abs, and muscles of your body.

It gives you that fuller and denser look. This makes you look bigger than your actual size.

So, as Chris himself says, “It’s movie magic”.

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